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About Libo

Our History

Ladbrokes Corporation was established in 1997, is a new building materials equipment design and development, manufacturing sales and service as one of the entity enterprises. The main new building materials equipment are: multi-functional lightweight wallboard equipment, composite wallboard equipment, gypsum board equipment, the company's products have been identified by the China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association as "green environmental protection excellent building materials", has been widely promoted and applied.

The company has more than 130 professional and technical personnel, and has three companies in history: Jinan Libo Machinery and Equipment Co., LTD., Beijing Libo Warwick Machinery and Equipment Co., LTD., Xi 'an Libo Machinery and Equipment Co., LTD., all of which are members of GRC branch of China Building Materials Industry Association, members of China Building Block Association and members of China Building Federation. Under the design center, production center, promotion center, service center and other functional departments, all departments work together to contribute high-quality and efficient new energy-saving building materials production equipment for the society, to provide customers with professional and focused technical support and service.

Since its establishment, Ladbrok Machinery has adhered to the business philosophy of "honesty as the foundation, faith as the root", "creating green life with science and technology", and firmly followed the industrialization road combining scientific research and production, specializing in the production of various new energy-saving building materials machinery. To provide the society with green, high quality, environmental protection, energy saving, efficient new building materials and equipment! Has developed into China's most specialized light partition wall equipment R & D production enterprises and service base.

The main new building materials equipment are: insulation board equipment, wall board machine, wall board equipment, composite wall board equipment, light wall board equipment, light wall board production line, external wall disassembly formwork production line, foam insulation wall board production line, cement foam machine, cement fence mold, gypsum wall board production line, cement fence equipment, hydraulic mold light partition wall board equipment, automatic mold light wall board machine.

Our Factory

Ladbrokes Machinery Factory is located in Jinan, Shandong Province, China, which is the famous hometown of Confucius and Mencius and one of the developed cities in science and technology, medical treatment, light industry and machining industry.

There are three factories in the local production at the same time, only do wallboard equipment, in 2006 began to engage in the development and production of new building materials equipment. Due to the production and sales needs, Ladbrox Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Jinan in 2007, and successively set up branches in Beijing and Xi 'an, creating "new rolling fence equipment", "molding 20 panels machine at a time", "automatic gypsum wallboard production line".

Our product quality has been ISO9001, 2015 quality management system certification and CE certification, product quality is stable and reliable, won the trust and praise of customers.

Our factory attaches importance to environmental protection and safety, the use of advanced environmental protection equipment and technology, the implementation of strict environmental protection and safety management system, to ensure that the production process will not cause pollution to the environment, but also to ensure the safety and health of employees.

Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, innovation, quality and service", our factory pays attention to the construction of corporate culture and social responsibility, actively participates in public welfare activities and social welfare undertakings, provides customers with quality products and services, and makes contributions to the society.