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Composite Hollow Wall Panel Equipment
  • Composite Hollow Wall Panel EquipmentComposite Hollow Wall Panel Equipment

Composite Hollow Wall Panel Equipment

Quality Composite Hollow Wall Panel Equipment In Stock. Libo is Composite Hollow Wall Panel Equipment manufacturer and supplier in China.

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Libo is Composite Hollow Wall Panel Equipment manufacturer and supplier in China.We have many years of experience the production of pweer distribution blocks.

What is light wall board?

Lightweight wall plate is a new type of building material. It uses raw materials and other raw materials such as light material, cement, gypsum, cellulose and other raw materials. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, sound insulation, insulation, fire prevention and other performance advantages. Lightweight wall plates can be used for the production of building components such as interior walls, exterior walls, partition walls, ceilings, and slabs, which can effectively improve the safety, comfort and environmental protection of the building.

Customized supplier of China Libo Composite Hollow Wall Panel Equipment, the price of composite hollow wall board equipment, and the equipment uses high -quality materials and components. It has good stability and durability and can run stable for a long time. As a professional manufacturer, Libo Machinery is willing to provide you with a composite hollow wall board equipment. We will provide you with the best after -sales service and timely delivery. And the products produced have high quality, which can meet the market's demand for high -quality products and improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise.


The composite hollow wall board equipment is a special equipment for compound wallboards to produce composite wall boards for composite wall plates. The working principle of composite hollow wall board equipment is: mixing cement, gypsum, perlite, EPS and other materials in a certain proportion, and then The mixture is poured into the mold by the pouring system, and the mixture is evenly distributed through the vibration system. The equipment output can be customized. Usually, the number of molds is 40-60, and the characteristics are high. Due to the high density of the cement itself, most of the filling materials used are things like flour ash, scum, and pottery grains. The proportion is large. The production of cement wall plates is heavy. In order to reduce weight, the production line is equipped with a foam system. The composite wall plate produced by the foaming process meets the requirements of light and high -strength, and the equipment can be adjusted.

Libo Machinery Product Parameter Form

Order number: lb-composite hollow wall board equipment

Type: composite wall board

Vibration frequency: 1.2 (Hz)

Main vibration form: pouring formation

Whether the supply of cross -border export supplies: Yes

Custom processing: Yes

Molding cycle: 8-12 hours

Maximum pressure 5-12 (kn)

Working pressure: 0.4-0.8 (MPA)

Total power: 50KW-120KW

Alias: Compound hollow wall board equipment

Brand: Libo Machinery

Material: high -quality steel

Transmission method: hydraulic electric

The entire machine weight: 5-8 (t)

Dimensions: 420*130*270 (cm)

Place of origin: from China

Uses: such as rural houses, farms and other places, it can effectively improve the safety and comfort of agricultural buildings.

Production output:

The number of wall boards produced by composite hollow wall board depends on the model and production speed of the machine. Composite hollow wall board equipment: one day, a mold of 36 square meters, increase the output method, to increase the number of molds.

Application field:

Compound wallboard applications such as playgrounds, gymnasiums and other places can effectively improve the safety and aesthetics of places. Such as shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and other places can effectively improve the safety and aesthetics of public buildings.

Delivery period:

It takes about 30 days to 45 days from production to delivery period. This is because our products are customized according to customer needs. Composite hollow wall board equipment requires a certain production cycle to complete production and quality inspection to ensure that the product of the Composite Hollow Wall Panel Equipment Quality and reliability. During the production process, we will strictly conduct production and delivery in accordance with the delivery period agreed in the contract, and timely provide customers with feedback from the production progress and delivery situation to ensure that the customer's demand for the product is met.

show of power:

company advantage:

We have a group of professional R & D teams that can continuously innovate and improve products and improve product competitiveness. We also cooperate with a number of universities and scientific research institutions to continuously introduce advanced technology and equipment to enhance research and development capabilities.


Composite hollow wall board equipment has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high accuracy, good stability, high production efficiency, wide application range, easy operation, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. It is a very good mechanical equipment.

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