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Foamed Cement Wall Panel Making Machine
  • Foamed Cement Wall Panel Making MachineFoamed Cement Wall Panel Making Machine
  • Foamed Cement Wall Panel Making MachineFoamed Cement Wall Panel Making Machine
  • Foamed Cement Wall Panel Making MachineFoamed Cement Wall Panel Making Machine
  • Foamed Cement Wall Panel Making MachineFoamed Cement Wall Panel Making Machine
  • Foamed Cement Wall Panel Making MachineFoamed Cement Wall Panel Making Machine

Foamed Cement Wall Panel Making Machine

Jinan LIBO Precision Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. established in 1997, is a large manufacturer of integrated supply dedicated in researching, manufacturing, trading of Building material machinery. Main production line:wall panel making machine,lightweight wall panel machine,EPS wall panel production line,concrete wall panel machine,wall panel machine ,wall panel equipment,wall panel production line,wall panel making machine ,lightweight wall panel machine  ,composite wall panel machine ,EPS wall panel machine ,cement wall panel machine ,concrete wall panel machine ,concrete fence panel machine,precast wall panel making machine,precast concrete wall panel machine,precast concrete boundary wall machine,concrete post machine,concrete column machine,etc. 


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Wall panel production line


LIBO MACHINERY-Foamed Cement Wall Panel Making Machine

LIBO Concrete Lightweight Wall Panel Equipment Factory Price designed to produce lightweight ECO-friendly cement wall panel which is wildly used as exterior/interior partition wall/fence wall.

1. Introduction of LIBO Production line

LIBO cement wall panel machinery have 6 parts:

1) Mixer system

2)Foaming system

3)Grouting system

4)Mold system

5)Tube drawing system

6)Pulling out panel, fliping panel, palletizing system


-Application: Mix raw material;Powder feeding;complete the measurement of raw materials;automatic control and circuit control;complete the mixing of the slurry

Advantages of LIBO Mixer System:

l.Full Automatic.

2. High output.

3.Easy operation.


-Application: Physical foaming


-Application:Mobile grouting


-Application: Form cement panel

-Advantages of moulding system:

l. Face panel and core forming by one time compound.

2. Low input, high output and returns.

3.Easy and convenient for operation.

4. Long life span.



-Application:Mobile pulling out panel, fliping panel, palletizing system; Remote control available

2.LIBO promise and service

1).Guarantee: All machines for 1 years.

2). According to your plant design, we design the layout for machinery.

3). All machines arrive at your factory, we will send engineers to install the machinery.

4).LIBO engineers will guide all machines operation.

5).LIBO engineers will guide the panels installation.

3.Wall Panel Features

(1) Light weight:  

Its weight is only 1/7 of that of brick walls, 1/3 of that of aerated concrete, and 1/8 of that of 120mm thick masonry wall with plastering on both sides.

(2) Fire proofness:  

It can endure fire at 1000 degrees for over 4 hours, without producing any toxic gas. Its incombustibility meets A grade of the state standard.

(3)Water-proofness & Damp-proofness  

It consists of medium density fiber cement or calcium silicate board, which has very good water proof and damp proof property. Therefore, there is no worry about bulking, efflorescence, deformation, degeneration of strength due to moisture absorption. It's applicable for wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

(4)Sound Insulation  

It has outstanding sound absorption and insulation performance. The sound insulation capacity of a 90mm thick board is 42dB, which is far higher than that of other masonry walls, and meet the national requirement of sound insulation for residential houses.  

(5) Thermal Insulation & Heat Insulation

Nowadays, the construction industry attaches great importance to energy-saving property of buildings. Ionic strip-type wall panel is made of pure natural vermiculite, quartz flour of high purity, inorganic fibre and plant fiber, through a curing process with steam of high temperature and high pressure. Besides, the internal alveolate structure also contributes to its remarkable thermal insulation & heat insulation property.

(6) Better earthquake resistance and overall stability:

Assembled into a whole structure, wall boards has an impact resistant capacity which is 1.5 times as high as that of normal masonry walls. The earthquake resistances is tens of times higher than normal masonry walls, meeting the requirement for buildings to resist earthquake of up to 8 degrees.  

(7) Easy installation:  

The wall board can be grooved freely, nailed directly or embedded with expansion bolts to hang heavy things, like A/C; The single-point hanging strength is over 45kg; In addition, the wall panel has a flat and smooth surface, which is compatible with tiles and wall paper as the finish.

4.Raw materials

5.Our Customers

6. Packing


(1)Is your company a manufacturing company or a trading company?

We are a direct factory, not an agent or trading company, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

(2) How can I trust the quality of the machine?

Our products have passed ISO 9001 certification, have 27 years of experience in mechanical manufacturing, and constantly update technical concepts and technical applications. As a result, our machines have been exported to 50 countries and regions, and have always enjoyed a good reputation for customers abroad.We will comprehensively test the product before leaving the factory to ensure that each equipment can work normally when shipping.

(3) When will you deliver the goods?

Usually 30 days after receiving the deposit and booking confirmation.

(4) How about the debugging of the machine and the training of the workers?

Yes,after the wall panel production line is installed,our engineers will carry out testing and debugging, and prepare the most suitable material ratio to make wall panels, and train workers how to operate and maintain the machine.

(5) Is the production process of wall panel complicated?

Very simple, not complicated.Step 1:mixing of raw materials;Step 2:pouring into the molding mold;Step 3:taking out after solidification;Step 4:product storage.

(6) What kind of wall panels can be produced?

We can produce many types of wall panels, hollow wall panels, solid wall panels, composite sandwich wall panels, etc.Multi-purpose machine with adjustable thickness and length.

(7) How much space is needed to produce wall panels?

The size of the site depends on the size of the equipment purchased.

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